2013 AEESP 50th Anniversary Conference

Environmental Engineers and Scientists of 2050: Education, Research, and Practice

July 14 - 16, 2013

Poster Presentation Schedule

Poster presentations are scheduled for Monday (July 15) and Tuesday (July 16) afternoons from 3:30 PM (1530) to 5:30 PM (1730). Poster presenters have been notified by email of the "classification" (a letter designation from A through N) of each presentation. Each presenter should visit the Conference Program page of this website to learn which classifications will be presented on which day.

A listing of all posters is available as a downloadable PDF document. Download...

Poster Presentation Instructions

Each poster presentation is assigned approximately one-half of a standard poster board. In order to provide a space around presentations, each presentation's maximum space measures 42 inches (107 cm) wide by 36 inches (91 cm) high.

The display panels are made of a felt-type cloth material that will accommodate velcro and/or push pins (push pins are provided).

Each author is responsible for assembly and removal of his/her presentation. Materials left on poster boards after the removal deadline will be removed and destroyed. Conference staff will not be able to store leftover materials.

Complete instructions for poster presentations are available as a downloadable PDF document. Download...

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